Top Tech Sites

In the past few years, thousands of technology sites have flooded the internet. Some focus on mobile related news, some focus more on the computer part while some focus on both. Most of them publish click-baits just to get revenue from the advertisements. There are very few sites that maintain a certain quality.

Most of you search on Google to find information about tech and click on the top 2-3 results. But even a click-bait site with great “Search Engine Optimization (SEO)” can claim the top spot in search results. So, let us help you find which websites are actually used to get the necessary information.



Try searching for the news sites, they are scattered all over starting from Google News, Yahoo News, Bing News to the micro & miniature news site. After a lot of detailed reviews & researches, we have finally compiled the Top 7 News site of recent times. They are as follows:

  1. Neowin

This site’s content justifies its tagline. With precise information and quality writing, it can become your favorite technology site just after reading a few articles. It also acts as an “all under one roof” kind of site as it covers everything from windows to mac, android to iOS.

  1. TechCrunch

This is slightly for more advanced readers. You may feel lost when you visit this site. It covers a hell lot of topics without sacrificing the overall quality. You’ll find news about –

  • Recent Facebook data breaches.
  • Mere snap chat updates.
  1. CNET

It is also one of the biggest such sites on the internet. You will find latest deals about computer parts here. You will also find news about many obscure objects which other websites don’t usually cover. You may find the website layout a bit clumsy.

  1. Anand Tech

This is the best website if you are well versed in the tech world. They provide some of the most detailed reviews out there. You will find reviews about –

  • Storage units like SSD, HDD.

Their articles also include well-drawn charts to help you get a better understanding of the tests.

  1. 9 To 5 Mac

If you are an avid “Apple” fan, this site will fulfill your every desire. Many of us get accustomed to a certain ecosystem and do not want to jump ship to another. They have articles just about everything related to Apple like –

  • New iPhone colors.
  • Latest mac update rumors.
  • The newly launched iPad.

We have listed some of the best sites to find news about tech. Read at least two or three articles from each of sites listed above to know which fits you the best. If you are a huge geek and want to stay updated on everything, bookmark these sites.


The geeks & tech audience is generally the younger generation with an easy access to the interent. Hence the audience for this niche is highly internet based rather the grey haired people who still rely on pen and paper. Major advantages of following a tech site are as follows:

  1. Up to date information about New releases & New Launches
  2. Easy unboxing videos to giving a firsthand experience about the product
  3. Highly researched information about specifications
  4. Price comparison
  5. Notifications about Online Deals & offers
  6. Tech Guides about tweaking the instrument
  7. Last but not the least, all love the massive giveaways


Providing the truthful fact is the topmost priority for a journalist irrespective of a political or a tech reporter. Tampering with the news entirely or partially is highly unethical and never appreciated. But in the recent times to gain an upper hand in the highly competitive market such kind of malpractices are encouraged through the means of false click baits, paid news, irrelevant viral videos having no particular sense or information. More at Fortune Frenzy about no deposit casinos.


We can never say a no to all the technologies that have made our life so smooth. These technologies are learnt by a regular visit to the tech sites. They have plenty of information with videos and latest innovative ideas which prove to be very essential to everyone trying with newer DIY tricks. Just be stuck to the updates to boost the existing ones.